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The Wonder of Work

We talked in earlier articles about The Power of Play and the benefits of Reading with Children. Another component of a healthy and happy childhood is learning to work and enjoy different kinds of work. Work is that wonderful stuff that helps us accomplish our dreams and desires. Work allows us to accomplish everything we do, whether it be big or small.

Working people built the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian Pyramids, modern-day skyscrapers, bridges, the highways we drive on and the houses we live in. Getting dressed in the morning, preparing and eating our breakfast are simple forms of work. Even thinking, talking, praying or reading are forms of work. About anything that takes energy, moves information, matter, or communicates is done by work.

Think what our lives would be like if we did little to no work. We would be larger, lazier, and more limited in what we can accomplish.

Children can learn to work by doing small things like picking up toys and clothes, doing dishes and small chores around the house. Even choosing clothes to wear, brushing teeth and getting a drink of water help them prepare for other tasks ahead and give them the stamina and desire to do something for themselves and others.

When children see the results of their work, this can help them be happier and give them a sense of accomplishment. When they focus on the outcome of the task at hand they can endure the wait and effort it takes to complete a job. Having a child help you make cookies teaches them patience, creativity and that doing something good has a sweet reward worth waiting for.

Often the things we ask our children to do aren’t as fun as making cookies. How can we get them to do chores that are less enjoyable? One answer is our attitudes! The earlier we learn to enjoy work and our children learn the same, the happier we’ll be. We all have to do jobs we enjoy less than others, but what makes the difference is our attitude.

If we can learn to “whistle while we work” or try to think of something we like while doing a task, we’ll likely find ourselves really enjoying or at least happily enduring what it is we have to do. How many times have you turned on the radio while doing the dishes, cleaning the house, or working at the office? Music is a great way to make work more enjoyable. Of course, not all tasks can be done with music in the background, but if we can teach our children a positive approach to work, they’ll have better attitudes toward it. Our examples of making work enjoyable will go a long way in helping our children enjoy and even look forward to it.

Work is needed everyday all around us. As we work we will be able to get the things we need and want. As our children learn to work they’ll be empowered to reach their goals and obtain their hearts desires. Let’s have fun and get to work!

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