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Setting and achieving family goals

Setting and achieving family goals in the New Year

With the turn of each New Year, more and more parents are discussing New Year’s resolutions with their children. Goal setting is becoming important not only for adults but for kids alike. For a long time, it was assumed that setting goals is more of an adult thing, and that it would be stressful to engage a child in such activities. We believe setting goals can be fun and important to help children reach goals and grow and develop their talents.

There are several different kinds of goals that families can set. As adults we mainly think of financial goals or goals relating to our responsibilities, but there are other areas of life where it can be fun and important that we set goals in. These include personal development, exercise, family vacation ideas, things to do with friends, project ideas, family activities and many more. When families work together to set and achieve goals they can be accomplished a lot faster than if the individuals work separately.

How to set family goals
The family may take an evening and sit down together over a meal each new year. The first step is to identify the objectives that the family wants to achieve. It is important that the parents take time first to listen what their kids want to achieve. Asking for ideas and input from children makes it fun for them and helps them feel a part of the goal setting process. Once the goals and ideas of each individual family member have been understood, family members can work together to accomplish goals and each child can have specific responsibilities or goals to achieve on their own.

Helping children set their own goals
When setting goals with kids, again it is important to make it fun. Kids should be encouraged to develop their own goals, with a little help from the parents. Through family discussions and brainstorming, the children will better understand the importance of such goals and rewards for attaining them. The kids should be allowed to come up with their own goals as this will help them be excited to achieve them.

Family goals that work
There are various family techniques that can be used to help achieve family goals. One of the most helpful methods would be to use the smart technique. SMART is an acronym with each letter representing an important part of setting and achieving goals.

S – Specific and Significant. It is much easier to hit the bull’s eye when you can clearly see what it is that you are aiming at. The goals have to be detailed so family members can take specific actions to reach their goals. The goals set should be significant enough for each child or family member so they are motivated by the idea of obtaining the goal.

M – Measurable. When goals are measurable, it becomes easier for the family to celebrate when they have been achieved. The goals also have to motivate the family members to work towards achieving them.

A – Attainable. An important principle in goal setting is to make your goals attainable. This is very important for children and for adults.

R – Results oriented. One way of maximizing the effectiveness of goals is to phrase goals in such a way that they are not only positive but have specific results or benefits. When you see yourself getting results, whether that be lost pounds or going on that special family trip you planned, you will be rewarded for your efforts and make your goal setting meaningful and worthwhile.

T – Time. Family goals should have a deadline or a date by which they are trying to reach their goal. This helps to motivate family members to put specific plans into action so goals can be realized before a certain date. Goals with a timeline are much more likely to be accomplished.

We hope you have fun this new year, setting and reaching your goals. Have fun and make 2013 the best year yet!

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