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Incredible Benefits of Reading with Children

TV, video games, and computer games can soak up much of a child’s life. While these activities can hold some sort of value in their growth, they don’t compare to the benefits of reading. Reading is a gift in many different ways, and following are just a few of the benefits.

Reading Helps Develop Vocabulary

Children learn much of their vocabulary from their parents and sources such as reading. Children under the age of 18 months can benefit from looking at picture books that associate words with visual images. This association helps them learn the context of those words and then add them into their vocabulary.

Once children begin reading stories, their vocabulary expands quickly. If they do not understand a word then they ask for an explanation. This is how they learn new words and definitions. This process continues for the rest of their life. The more they read, the bigger their vocabulary gets. Even in adulthood, our vocabulary can benefit from reading and defining words we don’t know yet.

A strong vocabulary helps us interact with others socially as we can contribute to any conversation easily. In addition, it helps us achieve success in our career by immediately understanding concepts and being able to express our concerns or ideas effectively.

Reading Helps Expand Their Imagination and Creativity

Watch every child’s face as you read to them of far-off lands with magical characters and you can literally see their imagination working. Children get lost visualizing the stories for the duration of the book.

A strong imagination helps children to be more creative, and creativity helps them to think outside of the box and learn new things. This ability to think outside of the box is going to help them throughout their educational life and personal life. They will be able to look at problems from many sides and come up with creative solutions to those problems.

Reading Promotes More Reading

Children who are read to a lot get into the habit of reading, just as children who sit on the couch and watch TV get in the habit of sitting on the couch and watching TV. Children look forward to structure, and part of that structure is doing similar activities throughout their time at home. Parents can help create a desire to read by reserving certain times throughout the day specifically for reading with their children.

When children get into the habit of reading at home, they carry that habit into their school years. Having a passion for reading in school will help children learn new concepts and theories that they need to know in order to be successful.

Reading Causes Children To Become Productive Parts of Society

Most stories for children contain lessons. The moral of the story may be compassion, acceptance or empathy. Children take these morals seriously and apply them to their real life; the lessons become a part of their personal growth in life. When parents read to their children, they often end up receiving a bunch of questions about these moral lessons, and parents should explain and promote those lessons to their children.

It is not far-fetched to believe that these morals help mold children into becoming productive people in society who contribute positively to the world and to other people. Children develop their habits and beliefs around what they are taught and what they see, and if they are taught to be loving, positive people (with the help of reading and their parents), then they will become loving, positive people.

Reading Helps Children Discover Their World

Children are not exposed to the world the way adults are. Their ‘world’ often consists of their house, park, and extended families houses. When parents read to their children, they can help children discover other parts of the world that they may not be exposed to. This helps them accept new concepts about the world (and the people in it) into their life without fear or worry.

For example, if a child learns that an ocean has dolphins in it, then traveling to the ocean and seeing dolphins will be exciting. Alternatively, if a child has never heard of an ocean or dolphins, it could be a scary sight and cause a child to be fearful of the their ‘new’ world.

In the end, the benefits of reading go far beyond this list, but you have to agree that these are pretty big benefits! Reading helps children succeed in their lives by expanding their vocabulary, allowing them to think outside of
the box, developing a passion for reading, aiding in positive personal growth, and helping them explore parts of the world that they may not otherwise see.

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