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Eating Elephant This New Year

Well another new year is here and the thought of New Year’s resolutions comes to mind. Do you make them? Should you make them and how many goals should you set and in which areas of your life?

When I was younger I used to make a million different resolutions, and as you can guess it didn’t take long for me to lose interest and ability to keep track of them all. Setting a long list of goals can seem fulfilling at first because we have so many different things we need to do to take care of family, home, work and other responsibilities. That lengthy goal list however, can quickly turn into a daunting set of tasks that are quickly brushed aside in the fast-paced shuffle of day-to-day living. Setting too many goals is often a huge obstacle to completing our goals. If our list is a mile long… it will take a lot of effort to just remember and remind ourselves what we are supposed to be doing.

So, what should we do? Should we make just one goal or forget the idea of goal setting all-together? I have found that the best solution for accomplishing goals is to set one main goal in the most important areas of my life. For example, in professional development I might set a goal to make so much money in the year. Then I can have smaller goals that will help me accomplish that one big goal. If I have a family goal, to spend more time with my son, there are a lot of little things that I can do to reach that goal throughout the year. I can spend time listening to him and learn more about what he is interested in and plan fun things to do together.

The old question “How do you eat elephant?” and it’s answer “one bite at a time” is very applicable to goal setting and resolution accomplishment. As we break our larger goals down into bite sized chunks that we can accomplish in a relatively short time, we can see results and keep our motivation to reach the larger goal, because we see progress.


So what will you do this year? Are you working on the new you, a great business idea or something to help the family? Whatever your goals and ambitions are this year… we hope you’ll have a happy and healthy new year and enjoy reaching for and obtaining your heart’s desire.

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