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Chocolate dipped fruits and veggies!

A treat that is sure to get your kids begging for more… Chocolate Dipped Fruits and Veggies. In many grocery stores, you can find dipping chocolate available at a reasonable price. Get your favorite, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and snacks (pretzels, crackers, etc,) prepared for dipping. Frozen or cold berries work really well if you can keep the moisture off of them. Water and the dipping chocolate no not mix well.

Once you have the items you would like to dip, melt the chocolate according to the instructions and dip them the snacks in the chocolate. Place the snacks on a tray with wax paper or a plate and let them set for a few minutes to firm up.

One of Am’s favorites is carrots dipped in chocolate. They are a real treat. One of my favorites in the traditional strawberry or even blueberry dipped in chocolate. Yum. Enjoy!

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