The idea of Amville started in early 2001. As my first daughter was old enough to enjoy stories being read and told to her… I started telling her stories and making a variety of characters and stories up to entertain her. As our other children have come along, they have loved the stories and I keep promising them that I’ll make a website for them and share the stories and characters with others. So here it is…

I hope you have fun and enjoy the stories, games, information, products, etc. I believe that kids should have some good clean fun. Children learn, experiment and interact with their world through play. Play is a vital part of their learning and development. We could learn much from their attitudes, wonderment, and curiosity.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about the site, please contact us.

Thanks and have fun!

Amville Dad

A few thoughts about the Amville Logo

The letters that make up the name “Amville” create the shape of a caterpillar… and a butterfly flies above the logo. This represents the transition from childhood to adulthood. We believe life should be a balance of hard work and good clean fun. We hope you like the site and look forward to sharing some fun things with you and your family.

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